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National Group Health Alliance

Contact Us for a QuoteThe National Group Health Alliance is an employer centric initiative helping employers and associations increase their purchasing power for self-funded alternatives for medical benefits and other employee benefit related products and services.

  • The National Group health Alliance restores the balance between buyer and seller for employer sponsored health insurance.
  • The Alliance negotiates an entirely different set of rules for your insurance purchase
  • Product Flexibility
    • Level Funded
    • Traditional Self-Funding
  • Our own actuaries negotiate prices, terms and the renewal each year. Our own team of attorneys assure full compliance with the Affordable Care Act, ERISA, HIPAA and all the other laws that govern self-funding.
  • Lower year to year trend assumptions using our own data, not the conservative assumptions of the insurance companies.
  • A risk management strategy designed for employers, not the insurer.
  • The law of averages says, “anything will happen that can". Becoming a member of a larger buyer’s group protects our members from occasional and unpredictable catastrophic claims. How? We negotiate special rules for risk sharing that employers cannot get on their own.
  • Key customer status matters. When things are good, everybody is happy. When things go bad, you want to be a key customer.
  • Control matters. The Alliance will have enough purchasing power to negotiate how they want their employer members to be treated.
  • Better deals on ancillary services and products through a powerful purchasing Alliance.

The Alliance is not a common benefit plan or a multiple employer welfare arrangement. The program itself does not sponsor or offer benefits. All benefits are provided exclusively by each employer for its own employees. No member of the Alliance has any obligation for the self-funded risk of any other member. Each employer will be issued their own stop loss policy and the terms and obligations of that policy will stand alone for that employer.

Contact Us for a QuoteThe Equinox Advantage product is a traditional self-insured program. The mission of this program is to help employers succeed with self funding, increase their purchasing power, and take back control from the insurance companies.


  • Custom stop loss designs
  • Custom plan designs
  • Financing options
  • Employer choice of effective date
  • Employer retains 100% of surplus

Equinox Advantage is an innovative approach to stop loss purchasing bringing actuarial and under- writing skills to represent the employer; bringing balance to the buyer-seller equation.

Equinox Advantage is built and designed with four goals that are most important to employers:

  • Low Cost
  • Stability
  • Good Risk Management
  • Insurance When Needed

Contact Us for a QuoteEach employer intends, but is not legally obligated, to participate for at least 3 years. They will establish a trust account and finance monthly payments into the trust.


  • One fixed monthly cost
  • Prices comparable to fully insured options
  • Renewal rate cap guarantee
  • Extended coverage (terminal liability) at no additional cost.
  • Asset accumulation feature – build surplus over multiple years
  • 12 month renewals deductible accumulation may be policy year or calendar

The Equinox product is a fixed funded program. The program offers:

  • Favorable pricing and renewal rate increase caps
  • Special underwriting provisions regarding large claim pooling
  • Aggregate accommodation and waiver of minimums
  • Terminal Liability Option (TLO)
  • Other favorable features not usually given to employers

What does it cost to join?

There is no cost or contribution of capital to join. There is no cost to obtain a proposal. Membership is granted simply as a result of joining the effort to purchase in unison with other employees.

Start now and begin moving to a strong purchasing position in the marketplace!

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